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Thursday, March 24, 2011

He's one helluva trainer!

There are just so many things that I wanna highlight to you guys about this trainer whom I have just hired. Met for the first time after few months knowing him through his blog and other fitness junkie.

His name is Kasey Brown. I know his name stirs quite a few emotions to those who knew him before. But emotions aside, I also know that he's a very knowledgeable trainer (you can tell from the way he writes his blog) and through Aizan's recommendation, I decided to give it a try and hire him.

Throughout the whole 1hr session with him last Sunday, he projected the professionalism of which a trainer, or any trainers in Malaysia, should have. First, he did not even touch his handphone, let alone sms or call, unlike some trainers I see, especially at the commercial gyms. This shows the high level of commitment and attention that he's giving to me during the training.

Secondly, he listens attentively to my questions, and answers one by one, leaving me satisfied and understood them.

Thirdly, and most amazingly, by just correcting my form and teaching me about potentiation, I can already lift my 1RM in just 1 session, in which I have never thought I can or able to do so.

He did potentiation with me, and my record for back squats increased from 42kg to 60kg.

He corrected my form in deadlifts, and has definitely increased my record from 30kg to 60kg.

Of course he taught me other stuffs as well, but these few points are already sufficient enough to make him one helluva trainer!

p.s. Stop rolling your eyes. Seriously, he doesn't pay
me to write this blog. It's all from the heart. :)

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