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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Types of Muscle Fibers

I came across a website that talks about muscle fibers. And surprisingly, it is kinda interesting to learn about it. Some previous blogger wrote about it but I had a hard time understanding it, but this website makes things rather easier to understand. Or maybe I'm just too dumb to understand complicated things :P

So now I know why some people can run longer without panting while some can lift weight more than the others. Our body consists of two types of muscles fibers - Slow Twitch and Fast Twitch (type I and II).

Slow Twitch muscle fibers are usually used in endurance training which requires a lot of stamina, such as marathon, swimming and etc. This muscle fibers do not increase in size, hence you'll see a lot of marathon runners or other endurance athletes look rather slim and with no definitions.

These people mostly train with high reps and light weights for better conditioning as slow twitch muscle fibers do not increase in size. They also tend to have higher ratio of these type of muscle fibers, which explains why they are better runner than others. The down side of it is that, they might have to work double hard if they want to build muscles at the end of the day.

Marathon runner

Fast Twitch (type I and II) muscle fibers are used in all the explosive training such as sprinting or other explosive weight trainings. These muscle fibers, though cannot increase the amount, can increase in size. Hence these muscle fibers are put in good use during weight training. They tire easily but are capable of much more powerful contractions.

The best way to train these muscle fibers are definitely through low reps and heavy weights in order to activate them. These people with higher ratio of Fast Twitch muscle fibers will definitely gain muscles faster than those who have lower ratio of it, and will definitely excel in explosive movements ie sprinting, relays, and etc.

Relay runners

Now I know which type of muscle fibers I have more compare to the other, and that explains why I still can't run like any other marathon runners. But I believe, maybe I can still strike a balance between endurance and muscles, probably 70% muscles and 30% of endurance. I mean, it's not like I wanna be a marathon runner or whatnot, but I just wish that I can last for about an hour when it comes to do explosive trainings.

But wanna know what I think? I'd prefer to be a sprinter than a marathon runner. It just bores me to death if you ask me to run for 10km.

What about you? Which muscle fibers do you think you have more?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training for Beginner?

I had a catch up with my dear cousin recently and she told me that her sis (also my cousin) commented that she has grown "wider". Her sis went off for some trip for about a month and came back only to give her such comment. Well, obviously, as a woman, we all never like the word "fat" applies on our body. It will definitely feel like somebody has just slapped on our face and said that "geez, you are ugly." Well, something like that.

So she raised her concern to me and said that, "Do I really have to do the weights training already? Really cannot escape?" You see, her workout styles will be going to classes, RPM, and lotsa cardio. A typical woman who wanna lose weight by doing all sorts of cardio exercises. (Sorry cous, not bad mouthing you ar. hehehe)

Plus, she told me that she only goes to gym once a week, on Saturdays. But she does realise that it is just now enough to do once a week coz she's experiencing some DOMS, even though she said that she has been "exercising". Glad that she realised that. :)

So I told her, "You see, doing weight training helps you in increasing your muscle mass. And when you have muscles, your metabolisme will definitely increase, and that's when your body burn fats during your non-workout hours. It doesn't burn fats during the workout. Instead, during strength training, it breaks down the muscle tissues for the specific muscles that you are targeting. And when your body realises that your muscle fibers need to be repaired, that is when nutrient comes in. That is why you always hear people say 'take more protein' because it helps in muscle recovery. So your body will only build muscles during your rest period. That's why people always say rest at least 48 hours after a training."

I also told her that by doing tonnes of cardio do not help to promote fat loss. "You don't go from treadmill to stairclimber to cross trainer in 1 hour."

"No meh?"

"No lah of course. First it BORES to death. Second, it doesn't help in fat loss coz your body burns only during the cardio. Thirdly, our body is not designed to do a continous slow, same pace of cardio  for hours. It's just purely wasting time. And it just doesn't work. Otherwise, why would you see no difference in your body even after hours of cardio? Plus, we women will not be a she-hulk after weight training. I'm the closest example that you can see. Do I look muscular to you?"

Another thing that she told me was that, she was told to do an elevated mountain climber by a personal trainer. She immediately felt dizzy after 5 reps. I'd say that mountain climber is definitely an intermediate workout, and I don't think it's the right time for her to do that workout. Yet.

So she asked for my help in writing a workout programme for her. I hope I've planned the right one, and I need input from you guys. Let me know what you think.

Warm-Up - back to back without rest
Can be used everytime during warm up

1. High knee run in place x 30 secs
2. Prisoner squat x 10 reps
3. Push-up on knees or elevated push up, whichever easier x 10 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset A - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Dumbell Row x 12 reps
2. Dumbell shoulder press x 12 reps

Rest 1min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset B - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Bodyweight squats x 12 reps
2. Dumbell deadlift x 12 reps
3. Stationary lunges x 10reps each side

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset C - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Plank x 30 secs
2. Side plank x 15 secs each side

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets


Superset A - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Dumbell Step-up x 10 each side
2. Dumbell chest press x 12 reps
3. Dumbell lat raise x 12 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset B - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. (Machine) Lat pull down x 12 reps (weigh accordingly)
2. (Machine) Seated row x 12 reps (weigh accordingly)

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset C - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Lying reverse crunch x 12 reps
2. Seated abs crunch x 12 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets
So, is it ok?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sometimes their comments are just plain stupid

I dunno whether to feel insulted or take it as a compliment when someone said, "Are you a guy?" *rolled eyes*

And I always hear these type of stupid comments at, yup, the beloved commercial gym. I know it's rare to see a woman deadlift (a merely) 55kg and squat 60kg (which I don't think it should be something to be proud of coz I've still got looonnnnggggggg way to go) but come on! Women don't dig insults. Women dig praises! You can tell a guy that he squats like sissy and deadlifts like a baby and guys will still be ok with that. In fact, they'll improve and come back stronger than before. Unlike men, women (I dunno about others but it applies to me), hates being "challenge" and I don't think it's just the right way to motivate a woman by telling them that their bodyweight squats sucks. (happened to my previous trainer, who thinks that by bringing me down will motivates me) Or giving stupid comments like they look just like a man. Just like Jason Ferruggia said, guys respond well to criticism. Girls don't.

Anyway, I always corrected these dumbasses, that instead of saying that I look like a man, I'll say that I have a strength like a man, but body like a woman. They must be plain blind for not noticing my obvious curves. I'm not bragging but these fuckwits sometimes really just get on my nerve. It's so obvious that they dunno shit.

Oh. And another common comment from them, which shows how shallow-minded they are, is, "Man! You look so small! How the hell you carry that weight?"

Don't challenge me, bro, don't challenge me.