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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sometimes their comments are just plain stupid

I dunno whether to feel insulted or take it as a compliment when someone said, "Are you a guy?" *rolled eyes*

And I always hear these type of stupid comments at, yup, the beloved commercial gym. I know it's rare to see a woman deadlift (a merely) 55kg and squat 60kg (which I don't think it should be something to be proud of coz I've still got looonnnnggggggg way to go) but come on! Women don't dig insults. Women dig praises! You can tell a guy that he squats like sissy and deadlifts like a baby and guys will still be ok with that. In fact, they'll improve and come back stronger than before. Unlike men, women (I dunno about others but it applies to me), hates being "challenge" and I don't think it's just the right way to motivate a woman by telling them that their bodyweight squats sucks. (happened to my previous trainer, who thinks that by bringing me down will motivates me) Or giving stupid comments like they look just like a man. Just like Jason Ferruggia said, guys respond well to criticism. Girls don't.

Anyway, I always corrected these dumbasses, that instead of saying that I look like a man, I'll say that I have a strength like a man, but body like a woman. They must be plain blind for not noticing my obvious curves. I'm not bragging but these fuckwits sometimes really just get on my nerve. It's so obvious that they dunno shit.

Oh. And another common comment from them, which shows how shallow-minded they are, is, "Man! You look so small! How the hell you carry that weight?"

Don't challenge me, bro, don't challenge me.


  1. the guys who make that kind of comment is soooooo insecure..

  2. ye ke? Maybe he is, coz he's new at the gym. A new trainer. *shrug*

  3. or..maybe his hitting on never know hahaha