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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Training for Beginner?

I had a catch up with my dear cousin recently and she told me that her sis (also my cousin) commented that she has grown "wider". Her sis went off for some trip for about a month and came back only to give her such comment. Well, obviously, as a woman, we all never like the word "fat" applies on our body. It will definitely feel like somebody has just slapped on our face and said that "geez, you are ugly." Well, something like that.

So she raised her concern to me and said that, "Do I really have to do the weights training already? Really cannot escape?" You see, her workout styles will be going to classes, RPM, and lotsa cardio. A typical woman who wanna lose weight by doing all sorts of cardio exercises. (Sorry cous, not bad mouthing you ar. hehehe)

Plus, she told me that she only goes to gym once a week, on Saturdays. But she does realise that it is just now enough to do once a week coz she's experiencing some DOMS, even though she said that she has been "exercising". Glad that she realised that. :)

So I told her, "You see, doing weight training helps you in increasing your muscle mass. And when you have muscles, your metabolisme will definitely increase, and that's when your body burn fats during your non-workout hours. It doesn't burn fats during the workout. Instead, during strength training, it breaks down the muscle tissues for the specific muscles that you are targeting. And when your body realises that your muscle fibers need to be repaired, that is when nutrient comes in. That is why you always hear people say 'take more protein' because it helps in muscle recovery. So your body will only build muscles during your rest period. That's why people always say rest at least 48 hours after a training."

I also told her that by doing tonnes of cardio do not help to promote fat loss. "You don't go from treadmill to stairclimber to cross trainer in 1 hour."

"No meh?"

"No lah of course. First it BORES to death. Second, it doesn't help in fat loss coz your body burns only during the cardio. Thirdly, our body is not designed to do a continous slow, same pace of cardio  for hours. It's just purely wasting time. And it just doesn't work. Otherwise, why would you see no difference in your body even after hours of cardio? Plus, we women will not be a she-hulk after weight training. I'm the closest example that you can see. Do I look muscular to you?"

Another thing that she told me was that, she was told to do an elevated mountain climber by a personal trainer. She immediately felt dizzy after 5 reps. I'd say that mountain climber is definitely an intermediate workout, and I don't think it's the right time for her to do that workout. Yet.

So she asked for my help in writing a workout programme for her. I hope I've planned the right one, and I need input from you guys. Let me know what you think.

Warm-Up - back to back without rest
Can be used everytime during warm up

1. High knee run in place x 30 secs
2. Prisoner squat x 10 reps
3. Push-up on knees or elevated push up, whichever easier x 10 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset A - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Dumbell Row x 12 reps
2. Dumbell shoulder press x 12 reps

Rest 1min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset B - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Bodyweight squats x 12 reps
2. Dumbell deadlift x 12 reps
3. Stationary lunges x 10reps each side

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset C - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Plank x 30 secs
2. Side plank x 15 secs each side

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets


Superset A - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Dumbell Step-up x 10 each side
2. Dumbell chest press x 12 reps
3. Dumbell lat raise x 12 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset B - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. (Machine) Lat pull down x 12 reps (weigh accordingly)
2. (Machine) Seated row x 12 reps (weigh accordingly)

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets

Superset C - back to back without rest for 1 set

1. Lying reverse crunch x 12 reps
2. Seated abs crunch x 12 reps

Rest 1 min and repeat for another 2 more sets
So, is it ok?


  1. Warmup: i'd add prone stickups... It stretches the shoulder blades... Since your first workout involves dumbbell rows.

    And i would start with superset b (legs first) then a.

    Planks are ok... But someone needs to supervise and make sure no cheating. Body must be in a straight line. The butt cannot sag or tonggek upwards.

    Also must make sure the db are just the right weight. Or else the exercise would be either to easy (db too light) or form will suffer (db too heavy).

    All in all... A pretty decent programme babe!

  2. Why do legs first?

    Yalah. True. That's why I told my cousin to spend 2 days with me so that I can show her the forms. Dont want her to do training with bad form and at the end of the day said that I was the one who train her. *gasp!* hahahaa...

    She still hasn't start on my workout. Went to yoga and bodycombat and she complained to me that her whole body sore and walked like old lady. Went to see doc some more. hehehe... Told her to stretch more and just take it easy since she has just "started", despite the fact that she has been joining the gym as long as me.

    But thanx for the input. :)

  3. leg exercise takes more energy compared to upper body exercise. so best to do legs first when you're still fresh ;)

  4. Hi Adeline, am a stalker lurking on Aizan and your blog for a while and 1st time commenting. I do agree with Aizan on starting with legs first and last supersets for abs. How about using MB/DB wood chop or bird dog for abs?

    Why do you do the upper body only on superset A & lower body only for superset B? Any partular reason?

    It looks like a great workout. Well done!

  5. Hi Michelle.

    Thank you for "stalking" my blog. :)

    Well, no particular reason. It's basically a TT-inspired workout, but both of u and Aizan are right on the legs-first workout. I have already trained my cousin for 2 sessions and apparently, the first workout was rather easy for her.

    So I increased the intensity and the workout in our 2nd session and only she felt a bit tired, but left her energetic after that. :) In fact, I had to leave KL the last 2 weeks and was a bit worried on her training, but apparently, I managed to "start" her engine and she has been actively going to the gym during my 2 weeks gone. So proud of her. :)

    Do follow and comment my blog whenever you want to. I do appreciate constant comments from other fitness enthusiasts. :)

    Welcome again to my blog, Michelle! Glad to have you aboard.