The ultimate goal : Leaner me. Definitions on shoulders. More prominent choc-bar abs. Sexy, round, butt. Sexy curves. Lean thigh.

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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a lonely world here

The problem with some people is that, if you do things that is uncommon or unusual, they'll say that you are doing something wrong. Or that they'll say that you are a freak, for repeating the same thing everyday without fail.

That's what happened to me at the gym. Regular gym goers know what my first workout will be. I always start with squats. Then on with dealifts. Then some assistance workouts. Nobody does that routine other than me, and maybe these 2 other guys. I observe the way they do their workout and it's exactly like mine! I have a strong feeling that they are doing Strong Lifts 5x5. The difference is that they increase their weights in every sets. I thought you are suppose to load up in your next training and keep it that way in the 5 sets? Hmmm.... But anyway, it's the feeling that other people are doing restless workouts with their trainers while I doing my 5x5 routine. It feels pretty darn lonely, if you asked me.

Like I said in my previous post, it's not because of what people comment about my routine, but it's what I feel. Ok, yes, I might have gotten stronger and I can tell you confidently that I can beat 70% of the guys there with my squats' weight. It's not because I'm good but it's because they never train on their squats before. However, in terms of cardiovascular and endurance, I feel like that I'm not improving any. Hence the morning outdoor workout with my friends. The routines are really cool. Not as tough as the OBC (Original Bootcamp, coz I lasted 3 sessions only and it was friggin' early ok?) but at the same time, I'm feeling all my muscles being worked on. So it's really a great feeling.

On to the diet. I'm feeling definitely, particularly "lonely" over here when it comes to diet. You see, nobody does the diet unless they are needed to. Like me, I might have a beach trip soon sometime in Oct, so I need to look real good in my bikini. Like real good. Hence the crazy diet. No rice, no sugar, no coffee.

Surprisingly, I can live without coffee. When there's no coffee, there's no sugar also, because that's the only drink that I need to have sugar with. Other than that, I usually drink water only. So who would want to have such crazy diet with you, even though you always hear your friends saying, "aiya... I need to diet lah."  and then the next day, you see them indulging in beers or pancakes or McD. Who, I ask you?

No one.

Plus, the fasting month is coming. I can bet you that there'll be big feasts in this 1 month, given the fact that I have tonnes of Malay friends. I have even turned down a house warming invitation last week. Their meals were pizzas, jelly and KFC. It's not that I dislike the food, hell no, but it's because I'm on diet. So better avoid than having the food shoving onto your face right?

That's why it's a lonely world here. Ya hear me?

Friday, July 8, 2011

390 Workout

Since I am bored with the current 5x5 lift, I decided that I wanna do a different routine for my training last night. It was actually a routine from a friend of mine, Jasper Chai, which he trained me last week. It is an Outdoor Crossfit concept which, I think, will be launch soon. (That'll be another story)

So here's the workout (2 sets) :

Squat Jump x 30 reps
DB Overhead Squat x 30 reps (5kg)
DB Deadlift x 30 reps (2 DBs 8kg)
DB Hang Clean & Press x 15 reps (2 DBs 8kg)
DB Swing x 15 each sides (8kg)
Push Up x 30 reps (on knees. I still cannot do 30 reps on toes. Max is 20)
Crunches with Body Rotation x 15 each sides 

Total reps : 390

Related post : Aizan (So happened that I wanna talk about strength and conditioning also)

I have always been a fan of conditioning, so to speak. To me, if I sweat like water tap in a workout session, I'll feel like I have already accomplished my "fitness mission" and I actually feel good after every workout. Then a trainer told me, and I quote, making yourself breathless just for the sake of being breathless is pretty useless. And he also said that, for body building, I will only need 100reps per week. And then I found 5x5 Strong Lift. Fits the criteria perfectly. And so I did 5x5 and 5x5 only for the past 2 months.

Although my strength has improved for the past 2 months, I also notice that my endurance has significantly dropped. My stamina has never been good and with  lesser endurance training lately, it has just got worse.

So sometimes, I'll fit in some Crossfit WODs, just to get breathless a bit. I think I'll add in more assistance workouts and conditioning in my future routine. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everytime I go to gym

1. There are 2 workout "stations" that is always empty - The infamous 2 Squat Racks. So you really can't blame me for always starting my workout with squats or deadlift. There was one time where I wanna train on my back instead of the usual Squat routine, but couldn't because that back machine area was swarming with tonnes of guys. I also can hardly do some cable flyes because, yes, it is surrounded by the fitness wannabe. 

I don't like to ask these people halfway when they are training whether we can share or not. I just don't. Not that I don't like to share, but just..... dislike. You have to change the weights every time you share with other people, which I find it a bit, ma fan. (leceh. How do you say leceh in English?)

And I hate to say this but, really, the population of using the squat rack is like 1%. Maybe I can only see 1 guy doing squats (NOT the Smith Machine, please) in like, maybe 2 weeks?

Even the trainers commented, "Your squat is already very good lar. No need to do everyday." As usual, I just rolled my eyes, smiled and walk away. 

But why?? Why on earth does these guys never do squats? All they do is just bicep curls, bicep curls and more bicep curls.

Squat Rack 1

Squat Rack 2

2. I hardly see any guys do deadlift. I might not be at the gym 24/7 but every time I go there, I just don't see many do deadlift. But the population of doing this compare is squats is higher. Probably like 5%? At least better than Squats, I must say.

3. I always see the most famous workout of the universe - Bicep Curls!!! Ya. Why oh why? Yesterday I even saw 1 guy doing EZ Bar bicep curl with a strap? Do you really need straps for bicep curls? That was really new to me. Never seen anyone does that. 

You may be wondering why am I observing so many things that you'll start to wonder whether I'm actually training or kepochi-ing. Well, there are mirrors everywhere. And there is the rest time. I'm sure you know what I mean. If you are observant enough, you'll see much much more.