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Friday, July 8, 2011

390 Workout

Since I am bored with the current 5x5 lift, I decided that I wanna do a different routine for my training last night. It was actually a routine from a friend of mine, Jasper Chai, which he trained me last week. It is an Outdoor Crossfit concept which, I think, will be launch soon. (That'll be another story)

So here's the workout (2 sets) :

Squat Jump x 30 reps
DB Overhead Squat x 30 reps (5kg)
DB Deadlift x 30 reps (2 DBs 8kg)
DB Hang Clean & Press x 15 reps (2 DBs 8kg)
DB Swing x 15 each sides (8kg)
Push Up x 30 reps (on knees. I still cannot do 30 reps on toes. Max is 20)
Crunches with Body Rotation x 15 each sides 

Total reps : 390

Related post : Aizan (So happened that I wanna talk about strength and conditioning also)

I have always been a fan of conditioning, so to speak. To me, if I sweat like water tap in a workout session, I'll feel like I have already accomplished my "fitness mission" and I actually feel good after every workout. Then a trainer told me, and I quote, making yourself breathless just for the sake of being breathless is pretty useless. And he also said that, for body building, I will only need 100reps per week. And then I found 5x5 Strong Lift. Fits the criteria perfectly. And so I did 5x5 and 5x5 only for the past 2 months.

Although my strength has improved for the past 2 months, I also notice that my endurance has significantly dropped. My stamina has never been good and with  lesser endurance training lately, it has just got worse.

So sometimes, I'll fit in some Crossfit WODs, just to get breathless a bit. I think I'll add in more assistance workouts and conditioning in my future routine. 

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