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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everytime I go to gym

1. There are 2 workout "stations" that is always empty - The infamous 2 Squat Racks. So you really can't blame me for always starting my workout with squats or deadlift. There was one time where I wanna train on my back instead of the usual Squat routine, but couldn't because that back machine area was swarming with tonnes of guys. I also can hardly do some cable flyes because, yes, it is surrounded by the fitness wannabe. 

I don't like to ask these people halfway when they are training whether we can share or not. I just don't. Not that I don't like to share, but just..... dislike. You have to change the weights every time you share with other people, which I find it a bit, ma fan. (leceh. How do you say leceh in English?)

And I hate to say this but, really, the population of using the squat rack is like 1%. Maybe I can only see 1 guy doing squats (NOT the Smith Machine, please) in like, maybe 2 weeks?

Even the trainers commented, "Your squat is already very good lar. No need to do everyday." As usual, I just rolled my eyes, smiled and walk away. 

But why?? Why on earth does these guys never do squats? All they do is just bicep curls, bicep curls and more bicep curls.

Squat Rack 1

Squat Rack 2

2. I hardly see any guys do deadlift. I might not be at the gym 24/7 but every time I go there, I just don't see many do deadlift. But the population of doing this compare is squats is higher. Probably like 5%? At least better than Squats, I must say.

3. I always see the most famous workout of the universe - Bicep Curls!!! Ya. Why oh why? Yesterday I even saw 1 guy doing EZ Bar bicep curl with a strap? Do you really need straps for bicep curls? That was really new to me. Never seen anyone does that. 

You may be wondering why am I observing so many things that you'll start to wonder whether I'm actually training or kepochi-ing. Well, there are mirrors everywhere. And there is the rest time. I'm sure you know what I mean. If you are observant enough, you'll see much much more. 


  1. Leceh = inconvenient

    Wow... If I were living near your area I would defnitely join your gym. The squat rack is pretty much the only thing that I need... Apart from the barbell and plates of course. Count yourself lucky that the other people are ignorant to what works best in strength training. At least you'll be in and out of the gym in a jiffy.

  2. everytime i want go to gym too!
    i thank we can give friendship!

  3. Gym mirrors: wtf??? want to create a spam-bot message also write properly lah. adui..

  4. guys doesnt like to do squats because, its not macho to jalan kengkang the nest day. and biceps and chest are more visible in the normal shirt when you are around town clubbing. Kaki can always be hidden by jeans unless they want to go to the beach or pool, or want to become an underwear model.

    But seriously doing legs is painfull, and most guys are afarid to do it especially squats, hence lots of excuses: not good for the knee la, they suddenly have lowerback problem even though they are 18-20 years old.

  5. Aizan : kan? but u already have 1 similar at home. So ok lah. Oh and tx for the vocab. :)

    KevL : ya lah! so funny lah the england, eh english... :P

    Shahril : tapi mmg slack ar klu diorg tak work on their legs. Upper body dah mantap tapi kaki hancur. Takde shape langsung. Some even have chopstick calves ok? So kelakar. Too bad la kan diorg tak suke do squats.

  6. Some men believe it (squat) pulls your groin muscles so it reduces your penis size but I am not sure this is scienctifically proven, cause if it's true that's a hefty price to pay for strength. This is the reason why many men avoid doing squat aggressively. One of those old wives' tales in working out I suppose. Having said this, my guess is as good as yours. :-) Harap harap x betul lah kan sebab i buat