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Monday, June 20, 2011

Phew! I'm back!

Yes yes yes. I know. Been a while since I last updated my blog. And I miss my blog too!!

And I know that I owe you guys an explanation on my bet with Aizan, which was supposed to be on June 18. To summarise, it was kinda sad to say that I didn't manage to hit the target - 62.5kg - of deadlift. I totally forgot about me going to Hong Kong for a week which was kinda affecting my performance. Only now I realise that my performance will drop drastically if I rest too long. Honestly speaking, I rested about 2 weeks before I started my training back.

Damn it sucks I tell you. It was like going back to square one after training and sweating and getting calluses and all. I had to start from 45kg of deadlift and slowly gained back my strength. My last record was 60kg only. The difference is, a month ago, I can do 5RM easily. But last Thursday, I can only do 3-4RM. Gggrr.... It was kinda frustrating. But can't do much also. Gotta slowly gain back my strength lah.

I haven't trained for my squats yet. Just did some lighter weights with higher reps to get back the "rhythm". And now I got sick. Gotta rest few more days again before start training back again. *sigh*

And the sad news is, when I got back, I couldn't chin up! Not even 1! I was like, f*** lar. After so many years of hard work training my chin-up, just because of some break, now I can't even do 1. Shheesshhhhh....  Frustrating ain't it?

Anyway, what have you guys been up to?

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  1. I've been up to no good. LOL...
    Ok, on a more serious note... I haven't been up to anything.
    But on an even more serious note.... Life is same old same old.