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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a lonely world here

The problem with some people is that, if you do things that is uncommon or unusual, they'll say that you are doing something wrong. Or that they'll say that you are a freak, for repeating the same thing everyday without fail.

That's what happened to me at the gym. Regular gym goers know what my first workout will be. I always start with squats. Then on with dealifts. Then some assistance workouts. Nobody does that routine other than me, and maybe these 2 other guys. I observe the way they do their workout and it's exactly like mine! I have a strong feeling that they are doing Strong Lifts 5x5. The difference is that they increase their weights in every sets. I thought you are suppose to load up in your next training and keep it that way in the 5 sets? Hmmm.... But anyway, it's the feeling that other people are doing restless workouts with their trainers while I doing my 5x5 routine. It feels pretty darn lonely, if you asked me.

Like I said in my previous post, it's not because of what people comment about my routine, but it's what I feel. Ok, yes, I might have gotten stronger and I can tell you confidently that I can beat 70% of the guys there with my squats' weight. It's not because I'm good but it's because they never train on their squats before. However, in terms of cardiovascular and endurance, I feel like that I'm not improving any. Hence the morning outdoor workout with my friends. The routines are really cool. Not as tough as the OBC (Original Bootcamp, coz I lasted 3 sessions only and it was friggin' early ok?) but at the same time, I'm feeling all my muscles being worked on. So it's really a great feeling.

On to the diet. I'm feeling definitely, particularly "lonely" over here when it comes to diet. You see, nobody does the diet unless they are needed to. Like me, I might have a beach trip soon sometime in Oct, so I need to look real good in my bikini. Like real good. Hence the crazy diet. No rice, no sugar, no coffee.

Surprisingly, I can live without coffee. When there's no coffee, there's no sugar also, because that's the only drink that I need to have sugar with. Other than that, I usually drink water only. So who would want to have such crazy diet with you, even though you always hear your friends saying, "aiya... I need to diet lah."  and then the next day, you see them indulging in beers or pancakes or McD. Who, I ask you?

No one.

Plus, the fasting month is coming. I can bet you that there'll be big feasts in this 1 month, given the fact that I have tonnes of Malay friends. I have even turned down a house warming invitation last week. Their meals were pizzas, jelly and KFC. It's not that I dislike the food, hell no, but it's because I'm on diet. So better avoid than having the food shoving onto your face right?

That's why it's a lonely world here. Ya hear me?


  1. Yeh tell me about these buggers who seem not to like it when smebody does things differently. And about that 5x5 workout, you can either stick to the same weight or load up at each set. I usually lift different weights at each set... I seem to progress faster that way.

  2. Oohhhh really? But then again there are no right or wrong rules in 5x5 right? Ok. Maybe i'll give it a shot then - increase weights in each sets :)