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Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally getting the rhythm

Last time, about a year ago, when I decided to enrol in the Original Bootcamp (OBC) at Padang Astaka, I lasted only 3 sessions which started at 5:45am. Only God knows why I enrolled that time. So semangat. And with no friends to tag along with. Basically nobody to give me a wake up call and motivate me to go to the camp. Lone ranger. Yeap. That has always been me when it comes to fitness. 

Anyway, I lasted 3 sessions mainly because :-
1. The daily onset muscle soreness (DOMS) was really bad. Before my muscles even managed to rest and recover, already I had to do another rigorous training. 
2. It's just too friggin' early lar. Enough said. 

When my friend, Jasper Chai, said he wants to start another outdoor morning camp, I kinda hate it deep inside because I know I'm not really a morning person. I may wake up early but not as early as 6am. But I have already promised my friend that I will support his camp and that I'm interested in trying out his trainings. 

Again, I think I lasted 2 weeks only, even though his time is a bit different, ranging from 6:15am to 7am. Guess my body still need time to adjust to the new schedule. Then I gave up, for about a week or two, till Jasper tried to convince me to try again because he said he sees the potential in me.

You see, I'm the type that works hard if the right people motivates me, coz I give up easily. Bad trait, I know. True enough, when I returned back to the camp, I was more than ready, mentally and physically, to follow his schedules and trainings. Waking up at 5:30am is no longer a problem for me. I don't even need to take a nap after workout anymore, unlike last time. (After my first session, I went back home for shower and it was only 830am, didn't know what to do and a bit too early to go into office, so I decided to rest a.k.a nap a while. Wasted the whole morning coz I woke up at 12pm :p) 

The reason why I'm still joining the camp is because :-
1. The workouts are all about fun but at the same time are very effective in terms of muscle endurance, increase stamina and muscle toning. When I say fun, it doesn't mean you can laze around, rest for 5 mins and etc. Hell no! You'll hear his loud voice ringing in your ear, pushing you to your maximum before he lets you rest. 

2. It actually involves with some equipments rather than just using our bodyweights to train. Bodyweights exercises are good for beginners and fat loss, but intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiasts will definitely prefer training with equipments, mainly because you will challenge your muscles by doing different weights with different workouts. Training with equipments will also allow your muscles to grow and pushing yourself to achieve a higher and bigger goal.

3. This camp derives from the crossfit idea, where you do certain exercises within the stated time. Kind of like a combination of bootcamp with crossfit. Hence the equipments. Definitely fun, if you ask me! :)

Oh yeah it!!

If anyone of you wanna join this camp, just PM me! Will be glad to give you the details. :)

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