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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Is that possible?

How do I gain muscle without looking fat, especially at my round face? Honestly, I have been eating 5 meals a day. Not very clean but not very 'dirty' also. I have not been eating rice for 2 days, and targetting on eating more protein, since the last 2 days were non-workout days.

But ya, though I have gained some muscle last week, but the comment that I got was, I look fatter than before. Not 1 person ok? Three!!! In a week's time!

Does that mean 5meals a day doesn't work for me? Too much peanut butter and wholemeal bread? Too much green tea? Last I remember, green tea works well for me. Sugar? I am reducing my coffee intake and didn't take creamer. Reducing the sugar also.

Something's wrong somewhere. What is it? Siiiggghhhh..... I really hate people say that I am fat. Really hate it.

What is wrong actually?


  1. What is wrong is probably on how you think about yourself. If you really see yourself the way you think you are, why care about what others have to say? I think it's all about self-esteem.

    And about having a 'round face', I've got bad news - that's genetics. Chermaine Sheh had a round face before even though she was fairly lean, until she went for some facial treatment & got a slimmer face.

  2. I know round face is genetic. My 2 younger sisters have round face. Sheh Si Man got do surgery? How u know?

    Eh Kev, I think Im hot leh hahaha no la. Joking la. Hhmmmm dunno la. Im still feeling depress abt it. Hey Kev, Jz to ask u something. Since Mon, I have started drinking 3 glasses of milk per day. And its HL low fat milk. But i notice that the carb content is higher than the protein. Could it be the caused of me looking 'rounder'?

  3. It's not surgery. It's some sort of treatment. Years back she complained she has a chubby face and she went for the treatment; it was on the news.

    About the milk.. I don't know leh. You ask Kasey and see. My thoughts on it is that they are not related at all. Still goes back to the concept calorie-in calorie out. Recently only like that? Or it has been like that for ages already? Aiyah, honestly, we view the world through our viewing glass, and what is others reality isn't your reality - we simply see things differently. You can have 10 people telling you things that are different from how you see it, and they are still different no matter how you put it. Have a bit of confidence over yourself la, if you think you look fine then be adamant about it, don't let others affect your thinking.