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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's what I think

"You shouldn't do slow, steady-paced cardio for more than 30-40mins because it will increased your cortisol and can caused muscle loss."

"This workout is too much coz it's definitely affecting your CNS."

"You can take carbs within 3 hours after your workout."

"Low carb on non-workout/less-intensity workout day, high card on workout days."

"Must count your calorie to make sure that you don't overeat."

"Sometimes, you gotta do HIIT. Sometimes you do slow-paced cardio."

All the above has their own truth in it. It really depends on individual's experience. For me, I usually will do some research on some issues, then sometimes discuss with my fitness junkie friends, then I'll usually try it on myself. But sometimes, the "experiments" didn't last long enough for me to see the results.

For example, I've tried carb cycling before. I knew that on the low-carbs day, I was feeling so pooped out during my training that it has actually stopped me from trying it again. But on the other side, my body shape has changed. I was actually feeling lighter, slightly leaner and I love what I saw in the mirror. So does that mean the theory is wrong?

I don't think so. I will just need some adjustment on this diet and I'm good to go coz this diet is really working for me. So are all other famous fitness enthusiasts around the world said. Look at this guy, Kane Sumabat. His diet is very high in protein and fats, but yet he can still do advanced trainings. It's all in the mind, and I gotta train my mind to think differently.

I'm still in the midst of doing HIIT, but my trainer told me that, I should combine both HIIT and slow-paced cardio into my workout. He even suggested me to run for 45mins and not less than that. Which is why, I ran for 30mins last night.

I also know that functional training for 1hr works best for me. Otherwise, how do I manage to gain 1.7kg muscles in withint 2 months time? Something somewhere must be working right for me. And as far as I remember, I did mostly functional training with my trainer for the last 2 months.

My point is, don't believe what you read. Do it, experiment it, and you'll know what works best for you and your body.


  1. You do have a point. Some things work for others but not for some. Example: I can eat junk food and gain mass. Not everyone is that 'lucky'.

    But there are truths that apply to everyone. Like strength training is a must for anyone who wants to fitter than they currently are.

    But I guess the difference lies in the degree of intensity.

  2. Actually, HIIT is a combination of both fast paced and slow paced running, hence it is called interval training. Fast paced - releases fat burning hormones, burns glycogen in the muscles; slow paced - burns fat, burns greater fat with fat burning hormones released. That is why HIIT is so effective in weight loss at a shorter time. Some people do it differently by running hard first, and then run slow later. I personally prefer HIIT though.

    The same kind of fat burning hormones are released during an intense weight training session, and it's good to run slow paced afterwards for about 30 minutes or so. Afraid of losing muscle mass? Take a scoop of whey in water after weight training and before your cardio. Whey is low on carbs (unlike milk, since carbs are usually the preferred source of energy for cardio) and the protein helps to prevent muscle break down. It's good to follow this strategy if you know that you've got something coming up on your cardio day, and then getting it done altogether on a weight training day.

    Okay, I'm digressing.

  3. And yeah, I agree with what you said in your post. Though, what works for you is only the truth for you and you only. I've read cases where people end up in the hospital due to creatine intake. Does that mean that creatine is harmful to the body? Solid research have been carried out on the study of creatine for decades and it has been proven to be *generally* safe, and effective of course.

    The people who end up in the hospital from creatine intake are no different than those who triggered an allergic reaction from eating seafood. We all know that seafood is *generally* safe, but not suitable to be taken by those who are allergic to it.

    Too many times we've heard 'fitness experts' stating a personal opinion as fact ie. "Never take creatine. It is bad - I ended up in the hospital for weeks because of that". Research shows that static stretching post-workout does little to help in reducing DOMS, but it helps me recover a lot sooner than if I do not stretch. That is the truth for me and me only, and does not apply to the majority. It is a personal opinion, not a fact.

  4. Aizan : yalah. Nobody is as lucky as you, including me. :( But I think it does help in increasing the muscle mass. Dunno. Gotta try though.

    KevL : Thanx for the info. :) About creatine, yeah. It actually does help me recover faster, plus, I have the extra energy whenever I take it with whey before my workout. But due to people's comment about me getting "bigger", I stop taking both. But after a while, I know that creatine was the one that make me look bloated. Nothing much really happen when I take whey though.

    But creatine helps me to train harder. But then again, maybe I should just depend on my "pure strength" rather than some supps eh?

    I agree with what you said. :)