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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

THE Gym Etiquette

1. Please stop reading or texting or talking on the phone while doing your cardio at the gym. First, you are just wasting your time doing that because obviously, you are not concentrating on every fibre of your muscles working out, but rather checking out FB who's doing what and where and how. And you even have the guts to update your status : Cycling hard at the gym now! Seriously? If you are training hard, you won't even be texting at the first place.

2. Please don't grunt as if you are giving birth to an elephant. I don't find that sexy. It's uber irritating. What are you trying to prove anyway? There's this Iranian-look guy that does that everytime he does his Incline Bench Press. Gggrrrr!!!

3. The usual one - Stop hogging the machines. Enough said.

4. Can't you like please stop staring at the girls with hot butt? I think we women does that (staring) better and more discreet compare to men. Don't you think so? After all, what are the mirrors for? *wink*

5. I had been approached by few guys who came over and told me that my form is incorrect. Please don't do that. Though your intention is good, but I don't find it.... well, just mind your own business.

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