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Monday, March 14, 2011

HIIT Jump Rope

Time to change to another HIIT routine. Previously, I did so-called sprint of 30secs and 90secs of normal jog for my HIIT workout. I gotta admit, sometimes I was kinda lazy to do sprint/jog, so I did jogging instead. Yeah. I'm that lazy.

I haven't tried HIIT Jump Rope before. The previous 1k Jump Rope with cousin didn't really count as HIIT. Maybe I'll try it tonight. But do you think it's a bit weird for me to bring my own rope and jump at the gym? It's kinda embarassing, especially when nobody skips at the gym.

Come to think of it, why doesn't gym provide rope? The only place that provides rope is Pushmore.

Here's a sample of workout routine from Ross Enamait and his video (crazy man!) :-

(a) Sprint In Place
(b) Double Unders
(c) Sprint In Place With Criss-Cross
(d) Double Unders With Criss-Cross
(e) Crossing The Rope In Front Of The Body For Transition

p.s. I dunno how to do Criss-Cross, yet.
Maybe I'll just do routine (a) and (b).

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