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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've gained 1.7kg of muscles in 2 months time. Maybe it was not that  impressive, but I was surprised that I have actually gained muscles rather than fats. Well, the bodyfat part, on the other hand, not impressive at all. I've dropped only 0.3%. Which means, I really, really gotta do more HIIT now.

I was kinda depressed when I weighed myself last night before going to gym and saw that my weight has increased from 50.4kg to 53kg. (I know, I still can't help feeling all paranoid when my weight has increased on the scale) I was really hoping that I gained muscles rather than fat, because lately, my pants and clothes feel tighter, especially at the thigh, biceps and back area.

It's time to step up the weighing machine at the gym and measure my progress. While driving to gym, I did some pep talk. I told myself not too get disappointed in case the tightness that I felt was due to fat, and that I will work triple hard to get back in shape.

Oh well, guess it's all clear now, and I'm smiling from ear to ear. Working out double hard last night because of the "motivation" and whatever I did, it's working. I do realise that I have been eating quite a lot lately, small meals. So, Aizan, you are right about eating right after workout.

I never eat my post-workout meal. Usually hit the showers and sleep coz, yeah, I'm afraid that I'll get fat. But guess not!

So more muscle gain means more fats are burnt. And I'm definitely loving it!

Let the burning process begin!

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