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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My favourite workout

Pull-up - My MOST favourite workout
Push Up.
And among other workouts.

I dunno about you guys, but to me, I'm always impressed by people who can do pull-up (full range and not kipping or swinging) mainly because that represents upper body strength. Not everyday that you can pick anyone from the street and ask them to perform a pull-up. Even I haven't mastered the full range pull-up.

This compound pulling exercise targets on the Latissimus Dorsi muscles. You will also definitely need strong shoulders, biceps and cores all together to pull your body weight all the way up against the gravity. That is PURE strength, if you ask me.

I still remember how I was being introduced to pull-up. 3 years ago, I always go to the Assisted Pull-Up Machine proudly and do my thang. I thought I was doing good job, ya know, pulling myself up and stuffs like that with all the (little) muscles popping out. Of course with the machine, my chin was over the bar, with 15reps all the time.

One day, a trainer approached me and said, if you wanna do this, it's better that you hit the pull-up bar. Try to hit for 3 pull-ups as a beginner. He said he'll support my leg. So, he taught me with all the posture (start at deadhang position, knees bend with ankles crossing, with a slight bend at the elbow, and start pulling myself up).

As soon as I pulled myself up, I knew exactly what he meant by that. And of course, I couldn't even do one stinking pull-up. From there onwards, I promised myself to take up the challenge - train myself for pull-up. But sad to say that, till now, I still can't do one friggin' pull-up. Not in full form. Damn.

When I say full form, it means your chin is at the bar, at least. Or better yet, your shoulder, just like the image below.

But this image is a Negative Pull-Up. One of the way to train for pull-up.
You start from top and slowly lower your body down, as slow as you can,
feeling all your muscles working.

Few other ways to train for pull-up are Negative Pull-Up, Human Assistance (like how the trainer supported me), Jumping Pull-Up, Static Pull-Up and Half Pull-Up.

Push Up (on toes, not knees ok?). A total body exercise that targets chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs and even the legs. Enough said.

Worry about your bye-bye arm? Do Push Up.
Want define shoulders? Do Push Up.
Want nice abs? Do Push Up.

Last time, I couldn't do push-up on toes. And again, always impress by people, especially women, who can do push-up on toes.

Finally, out of nowhere, dunno how, I can do it on toes. And I was very proud of myself that time, which was probably 2 years ago? I don't quite remember. But this is much, much easier to achieve than Pull-Up.

Among all the other modified Push-Up that I have done, I find that these 4 workouts are the most challenging one.

1. Weighted Push-Up on Toes. (My heaviest record was 15kg)
2. Push-Up on Stability Ball, 1 foot on ball, another "hanging in the air"
3. Weighted Elevated Push-Up
4. Renegade Row

Women who can do these, especially Pull-Up, I totally respect them! *wink* 

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