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Saturday, April 9, 2011

5x5 and finishers

Sorry for not updating such a long time. The problem is the same : I dunno what to write or update. Anyway, lately, I have been doing minimalist training. Like what Kasey said, I will need a total of 100 reps per week for bodybuilding, doing compound exercises. Compare to what I did previously, I definitely need some time to adjust to this "new approach" as I am used to doing tonnes of workouts with high reps. Not to say that those are not good for me. It's just another different approach if I want to lose weight and get leaned.

But in order for me to get lean, I will definitely need to gain muscle mass before I go to the "cutting" phase. Otherwise, all the so-called lose-weight workouts will eat up my muscles if I do my training vigorously. So, yeah, currently is my "bodybuilding" phase.

When I say minimalist training with a total of 100 reps per week, it goes something like this :-

Back Squat 5 reps x 5 sets = 25 reps
Deadlift 5 reps x 5 sets = 25 reps

Bench Press 5 reps x 5 sets = 25 reps
Overhead Press 5 reps x 5 sets = 25 reps

Total reps = 100

Yeah. That's what I'm talking about - MINIMALIST. Well, because I still need to "reprogramme" my mind from high-intensity-high-rep workout to minimalist training, I still slot in few other workouts such as rowing, lat pull down after my compound exercises.

Sometimes I also slot in the finishers workout as part of my cardio. Aizan said that if I miss doing high-intensity-high-rep workout, I can choose some finishers to do. So this is what I did last night :-

Bench Press
20kg x 5
22.5kg x 5
27.5kg x 5
30kg x 5
32.5kg x 5

Overhead Press
20kg x 5
22.5kg x 4
22.5kg x 4
22.5kg x 3
20kg x 5

So weak on my OH Press. Man I was struggling in my 4th set. I even grunt ok? Sheesshhh...... That's why I reduced my weight. Hopefully I can increased my weight in another 2-3 weeks time.

And here's my finisher as part of my cardio (I did Pushmore's WOD 040411. Also this video by Jaquelyn Kay)

5 rounds of :-
9 Deadlifts (30kg)
12 Hands Release Push Up
15 Box Jump (jumped on bench, dunno how many inch is that)

My time = 13:16

Damn I felt good! :)



  2. I wanna try that 5 round thingy. But gotta find a good stable bench/chair.

  3. Kevl : what happened? hehe..
    Aizan : Yeah. Like I said, put ur dining chair against the wall. Can put two chairs facing each other and against the wall so that u'll have bigger landing space. Try it.