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Friday, April 29, 2011

A newbie shouldn't have such a big head

Recently, there's this young kid at the gym (not a trainer but works there) who is obviously (duh!) a newbie, who is so damn proud of his growing body, trying to comment on my training regime. Whenever I do my deadlift, he'll go, "Huh? You are doing deadlift again? Why do you wanna just target on your glutes?"

This, at one point, shows just how much he knows. He only know maybe 10% of it. If he's a senior, he wouldn't have said that and instead, showing some respect on my workout. Deadlift not only targets on your glutes, but also your back, legs, arms, shoulder and traps. That is why it is one of the King of Mass Gaining exercises, besides squat.

Most of the time, I'll just ignore what he says but last night was a bit too much. It was non-related to my workout, but he said I was stupid, T.W.I.C.E. It was just a conversation, and do you really need to say that I'm stupid?

Obviously he's the joker in the buff suit. Let me tell you why.

1. He ran from Sunway Giza to The Curve, to and fro for 30 mins, before his strength training workout. He thinks it's correct. Hell no!

If you do a rigorous cardio of 30 mins right before your strength training, you'll worn out easily and you won't be able to lift heavy, mainly because you have already used up all your energy earlier. So you will not be able to perform well and lift heavy. So when you can't lift heavy, will you be strong? Unless you are training for marathon or that day is your cardio day, then by all means run. Otherwise, it's not a good training programme on a strenght training day.

Always do the compound exercises as the first workout before anything else.

2. I have never seen him do any compound exercises ie squats, deadlifts, bench press. He does a lot of bicep curls, some flyes, and more bicep curls.

First of all, bicep curls is just a cosmetic workout. Meaning, it'll just make your biceps look bigger but no quality. It'll not make you any stronger by just doing it. There are sooooo many of these guys at the gym who looovveeeeeeeesssss to do bicep curl, while watching themselves in the mirror, looking at how big their biceps are. When you concentrate more on your biceps at the mirror than the quality of your training, obviously you are not recruiting any muscle fibers which leads to muscle growth.

Doing bicep curls also does not focus on your overall strength, which is why this is categorised under isolated muscles workout. You practically just focus on your, yeah, biceps.

Wanna train your biceps? Go and do pull-up. Any kinds of variations pull-ups. That's pure strength.

3. I rest longer whenever I do my deadlifts or squats of 5x5. Whenever this kid is around, he'll say, "How can you rest too long? It's not recommended." Again, I don't give a damn on what he says, coz obviously, he doesn't know anything, and probably doesn't read. *shrug*

Whenever you are doing your strength training or powerlifting, it's important to rest enough in between sets and not be greedy, according to Pavel Tsatsouline and re-posted by KevL. Pavel said "Power loves rest and does not tolerate rushing. You may feel that you are completely recovered in 2 min. but take a full 5 anyway." 

Again, unless you are training on endurance, you'll want to rest enough in between sets.  

Enough 3 good solid points for me to know that he's just an empty shell.


  1. most probably the kid is kissing his bicep when in the locker room hahaha.

  2. Ya kan? Most probably la.... Hehehe