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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Women Personal Trainer - will you hire them?

I had a conversation with a friend few days back about women personal trainer. He has just joined a commercial gym and hired a personal trainer. A guy obviously.

Out of curiousity, I asked him, "If given the choice, will you hire a woman PT or a guy PT?"

"A guy, definitely."


"You see ar, first, all the girls PT at the gym is soooooo skinny that you'll start wondering whether they can "save" you when you can't lift any more weights during the training. Let's say I was bench pressing, and in the last reps, suddenly, I got no more energy to push it back up. Do you think the girl PT can save me?"

What say you?

To me, first of all, and this applies to both gender, that when you are in this industry, it is really, really, crucial that you walk the talk. You are your own advertisement. I'm sure some of you know that some trainers at the commercial gym do not walk the talk. Flabby, chubby, big belly, etc, I'm sure you can spot easily at least 1 or 2 at the gym.

The most basic point - you just gotta look good, fit and toned enough to convince other people to sign up PT from you. If you yourself do not practice the good diet and the right training, how do you expect people to have confidence in you? It's just as simple as that.

So when you are toned and fit, at least you have already scored in the first impression.

Second is, when you are fit, it's obvious that you are strong enough to carry that kind of weights, because you have those muscles to help you out. Plus, it's not easy to achieve a fit and strong body. It requires determination, dedication, commitment and patience to achieve those. There's no way that you can lift heavy on your first day of training when you have never exercised in your entire life.

Do you think this kind of body is easy to achieve?
Unless you have the commitment and dedication,
there's no way that you can achieve this overnight.
Brittany Tacy is on strict diet all year round.
See? Not easy I tell you.

What do you think? Will you hire women PT as your trainer?


  1. I wouldn't hire a stupid PT. It doesn't matter whether the PT is a man or a woman.

  2. usually men doesnt want to hire a female trainer because of the issue that your male friend talk to you about. Because i have a a friend who are a female trainer, have to give her one male client to a male trainer as she cant keep up with the weight her client is progressing. imagine how to unload a 500lbs plate loaded leg press or spotting a 300lbs squats?

    One more thing, men dont want to be seen as 'gatal' unless they are gatal themself hahaa..

    But dont worry, lots of female client or member like to have a female trainer so no worries.

  3. Aizan : I know you have a bad start. Some more it was a female.

    Shahril : So it's true then? Actually you got the point also lah.

    Oooo... I cannot imagine how to spot a guy during squats. It'll be damn kinky ok? hahahaha...that day I saw 2 guy trainers, 1 spotting the other doing squats... oh my god. That scene was like soooooo ya ah auwwwww...! hahahaha....

    So this mean female trainers can only target female clients lah. Well, that's why it's a male dominated industry. :)

  4. yup its that kinky haha..

    Not necessarily female trainer only targets female clients, because not all male like to train that heavy. There are guys who are older and training just for fitness or who are ordered by their doctor to exercise (usually this kind of client is a gold mine because of mostly they are dato's or businessman). So this kind of client doesnt care if their trainer is male or female as long as they exercise.