The ultimate goal : Leaner me. Definitions on shoulders. More prominent choc-bar abs. Sexy, round, butt. Sexy curves. Lean thigh.

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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Progress Report 060511

Hit new PR for my deadlifts and squats :-

Deadlifts : 55kg, 5x5
Squats : 57.5kg, 3x5

My benchpress is still at the same weight : 30kg. I'm not confident enough to bench heavier if there is no spotter. And most of the time, there isn't one around, and I'm just too shy to ask the trainers' help at the gym to spot for me. So I'm basically stuck at the same weight. Plus, my arms are still "swinging" and "wriggling", so guess I'll just work on my form first before adding on any weights.

I did a finisher on Wednesday. Again, got the idea from Pushmore WOD 041411.

Five rounds for time of :-
200m Run
15 DB swings @ 10kg (No KB at the gym and I know it's too light for me, but ... )
10 Box Jump

Results : 19m21s

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