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Friday, May 20, 2011

New PR (again) and Chin Up :)

Have wanted to update last week but something happened to blogspot which I can't log in. Here's the progress :-

Squat : 60kg, 5RM (Last Friday, 13May2011 )
Deadlift : 60kg, 5RM (Last Tuesday, 17May2011)

I remember it was only about 2 months back that 60kg of squat was impossible. I was even struggling to grunt and grunt to get that friggin' 1RM of 60kg. And last week, amazingly, I can already do 5RM of 60kg squat. Funny how our body works eh?

As for the deadlift, I am actually still struggling at that 60kg that I knew I wasn't up there yet coz I had back pain the very next day. Probably due to the breathing. I notice that breathing is quite important during lifting. It does help. A lot. In fact, breathing is important in other workouts too, especially yoga and jogging/running. Now I know why people always "Don't forget to breath".

Another update was, I can finally do full range of chin ups! Twice! Honestly, I didn't practice my chin up / pull up in more than 2 weeks. The bar at home is just sitting in my rack. So yesterday, I wanted to put it back up at the door frame, and curious, I wanna try and see if my chin-up have improved.

Damn I can finally go all the way up with my shoulders touching the bar. Haha! And the weird part is that, I have never trained for chin up. I always train for pull-ups only. But yea, chin up is easier than pull-ups. So if you can do full range of pull-ups, you can always do chin-up, anytime.

People always say (including myself) that if you wanna do chin-up, the best way is to do chin-up itself. But also, there are some other guys said that we can do other assisted workouts to help on the chin-up. Well, I'll say that both helps. I think.

I actually did some ghetto chin-up, bench press, lat pull-down, assisted pull-up machine and chin-up during the past 2 weeks. Maybe they really do help. But whatever it is, it's a whole new feeling all in all. :D

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