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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New PR and FRAN

Did some squats and deadlift last night. I have hit new PR for both workouts.

Squats : 55kg 5RM
Deadlifts : 52.5kg 5RM

Honestly, I am still struggling with my deadlifts at this weights, but I got a schedule to hit. So I'll try to get as steady as possible before I increase my weight to another 2.5kg by next week. People must be wondering why the heck I always do deadlifts. hehehe....

Anyway, after the 2 major workouts, I did some other assistance workouts ie dumbell press, OB bent-over row and few others that I couldn't remember.

And I ended my training with FRAN.

21-15-9 reps for time of :
Thruster (20kg OB)
Pull-Up (I did on Assisted Machine since I still can't pull myself up)

Time : 10mins

Not very impressive because I rested in between, which shows how much my stamina is. It's definitely dropping and I definitely need to catch up in the stamina part.

As for my diet, I'm trying not to take any carbs ie rice, white bread and the only carbs that I'm taking are oats, pasta and wholemeal bread. Also, I'm cutting down on my sugary drinks especially coffee + sugar. Cannot live without coffee but I managed to not drink coffee for 3 days now. It's not easy since I started my diet on Saturday. Ya know, hanging out friends and stuffs and all the influence, but yeah, somehow I managed to stick on my diet.

Finally, I'm drinking one now. tee-hee. Self-discipline very weak. I know.

Why am I dieting? Cause I'll be going to wear bikini and suntan by the beach Malacca in May, staying in a villa with swimming pools. Got swimming pools means I get to suntan right? If suntan means I gotta wear bikini right? If wear bikini means I gotta look good right? especially at the abs? right?

Ya. That's why. :)

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