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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Running Track!

I went to Stadium Petaling Jaya last night coz there was gathering cum dinner + fireworks organized by my boyfriend's soccer group - SKLFC.

It was also my first time going to the stadium and I was kinda excited to see that there was a running track around the soccer field. So I can actually run there every Thursday night while my boyfriend is playing soccer! Great!

If running (at certain places) can brings out the athleticism in you, this is the place where you wanna be. I was never a runner nor a sprinter back in high school. In fact, I was never really an athlete but if I could turn back time, I wish I was one.

So I called up a friend (who used to be a sprinter at high school) and asked him how many km or m of that track.

It's 400m.

Man it looks sooooooooooo friggin' far! And the way I look at it, it looks so much further than the jogging route at TTDI park and yet Coach Herny told me that the route is slightly shorter than 1km. I always try to run for at least 2 rounds of that TTDI route, which means a total of slightly lesser than 2km.

Which means, I gotta run a total of 5 laps in that track??!! Oh man......God bless me.

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I could try and run every Thursday night starting next week. You know, a change of environment and power-testing, to see how much I can actually run. :)

Anyone wanna run with me next Thursday night? I could use some company here.

 Stadium Petaling Jaya

This is the track that I've told you.
Cool, ain't it?

p.s. Missed my training last night. Thursday is usually my weight training night.
I'll try to replace it on this weekend.


  1. Eh where is this stadium PJ lah? I'm hopeless when it comes to PJ.

  2. Do we need to pay any fee upon entrance? What's the operating time for the stadium?