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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Come-Back Training after 2 weeks off

So yeah, I spend my Valentine's Day at the gym.

Oh no. It's not pathetic. I don't think so. Really! In fact, if I celebrate V-day, I'll do it at home. I had really bad experience celebrating The day at Victoria Station and it was horrific! You know, cramming together with other 100 couples just to have a romantic candlelight dinner and all. So you'll end up people banging your chair while you were having your steak. So not romantic if ask me.

Plus, you don't need 14 Feb just to show that you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, true? Other days are also Valentine's Day for me. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.....

Anyway, I had my come-back training last night after taking 2 weeks off (Chinese new year holiday). So, me and my trainer are taking things quite easy. Nothing too extreme.

10mins warm-up on treadmill - Speed : 5-7

Routine 1

DB Step Up - 4kg, 6kg
BW Push Up - On Bench, On Floor
DB Bent Over Row - 4kg, 6kg
DB Shoulder Press - 4kg, 6kg
BW Crunches
*all 15reps x 2 sets

Routine 2

Assisted Pull-Up - carrying 26kg of total BW
DB Bench Press with both legs up - 6kg
DB Squat - 6kg
DB Front Lateral Raise - 5 kg
*all 15reps x 2 sets

Routine 3

Machine Leg Press - 20kg, 30kg
DB Side Lateral Raise - 3 kg
BW Hanging Knee Raise
*all 15reps x 2 sets


  1. There's quite a number of routines you got there. Me, I still haven't done any training yet this week. All because I'm sick. Can't wait to get better so I can start lifting again. Gian oredi!!!!

  2. Yala. That's basically my workouts at the gym. Mostly more than 10 workouts, aiming at 1hr. But these routines, I finished at around 1h15mins. Taking too long time to rest actually. :P

    Yea. Get well soon! I know how much you miss your steel and plates :)