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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gastric and Diet

I have just found out, to my horror, that I can't consume much of acidic-based food for my gastric. (duh!) What I'm trying to say here is that, most of my diet food does not do any good to my gastric problems. Sigh. That is one depressing news to know today. 

I basically can't take :-
  1. Beans, mushrooms, broccoli, whole grains, asparagus, pears, peaches and apples are few sugar rich foods which the human body can't digest easily and therefore lead to stomach gas. Brocolli and asparagus!!! I can't take those! *nightmare*
  2. Dairy products like cheese, milk, eggs and yogurt. And these are essential food in my gaining phase now. I have to take soy-based food instead. (Aizan, now I know how you feel)
  3. Food with starch like potato, corn and pasta and wheat product. No pasta for me anymore? :(
  4. Fiber food such as oat bran, beans, wheat brans, kale and fruits lead to acidity. No more oats in my life. My life is officially over now.
This is crazy. 


  1. Isn't that a bit much? So what exactly can you eat? You shouldn't ban all fruits though. Believe ut or not, citrus fruits are actually ok for you as it turns alkalic when it is digested.

    Perhaps it's time to study which food will turn alkalic which will turn acidic and deal with it from there.

  2. there's red and white meat for you. this is it. unleash your inner carniverous side! afterall you're on a gaining phase.