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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is the point of running marathons?

Honestly, up to today, I still don't see any point of running a marathon(s). Be it 10k, half marathon or even a friggin 42km. Like, seriously. What is the point? Can somebody tell me?

I can't think of anything else besides the "personal satisfaction" and some health factors. Maybe you can hit 10km in your first marathon, got excited, and you wanna see if you can achieve 21km in your second marathon in within "your targeted time". 

Ok. Maybe you stamina will be like, superb compare to others. So what? What do you get at the end of the day besides stamina and personal satisfaction? Marathon runners will always ended up with not-toned, non-hour-glass shape, compare to those who sprint or even lift weights.

In health benefits wise, I believe any kind of sports can improve your fitness level, as long as you keep your heart pumping during workout. But I guess, at the end of the day, it depends on individuals' goals and targets. Yes, I admit that I'm biased here, and I'll choose weights over running any time. Any time at all. 

It's because I see the benefits of lifting weights, which definitely improve my physiques which running can't give. I might not be able to run as good as the runners, but I'm definitely much stronger than them. Plus, when you see a woman lift weights like nobody else, you'll get the attention which will boost up your confidence automatically. 

Weights over running, peeps, weights over running. 


  1. Funny you should write about this. I was watching my neighbour who is obsessed over running... Well, running around our little playground. I have watched her for years. And she still looks the same. At least i can now say i have a semblance of a butt.

  2. Why funny?

    I just saw a friend who signed up for tonnes of marathons every month. Some even signed up for 3 marathons in a month! And I was like, what is so fun about running anyway?

    Look front and back, left and right, and I see 1 word only - BORING. Oh, make it two words. DEAD BORED! hehehe....

    p.s. I couldn't write in my status cause some people might "terasa" :P hence the blog

  3. I think its more of a running ADD. you get addicted to running the same as we get addicted to weights. Maybe they are saying the same to us too..hahaha...

  4. In the face of danger.. and our "fight or flight" instinct kicks in...

    the runners will choose flight
    the lifters will choose fight


  5. Marathons lower the immune system and causes muscle catabolism. Do you think this has something to do with why some soccer players suddenly fall dead during a game? I mean, soccer involves plentiful of running. :)