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Zuzana is my inspiration. I want to achieve the exact same body like her.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Progress is not good

It is sad to say that my progress for the last 2 months was not really good. Been slacking, not watching my diet due to loads of open houses, family emergency, bla bla snore. Yeah.. I know, excuses, excuses and more excuses. 

I got a wake up call, a so-called wake up call when few friends, very honestly, commented on how I look recently. They said I don't "look athletic", but rather "normal-looking" and "have shrunk" despite the fact that I'm training more than other people. It was really sad to hear that all my 4 years of hard works have gone to waste in just a matter of 2 months time. 

Ok. Maybe not 4 years. Maybe 2 years. The basic knowledge is still there, but people won't know how much you  know unless they talk to you right? Well not that I'm super smart or anything. Plus, as much as I do not want to admit, first impression does matter. So when I look like "normal people", people will wonder, what the heck have I been doing at the gym? Ok. Maybe I'm making all these up, but this is what I'll think of if I see some girl who doesn't walk the talk.  

Anyway, I have already made up my mind not to get distracted by other things ie hanging out with friends, eating Chillis on Friday nights (just an example. I don't really always go to Chillis anyway), or drinking beer on Saturday nights. One of my weaknesses is I care too much about what other people think of me. But it's good. Whatever negative comments that they have said about me, I'm taking it positively and will promise myself that I will prove them wrong one day. 

It just that maybe the 5x5 training doesn't work for me. For some of you who doesn't believe in functional training, surprisingly, during that 2 months of the training sometime in March, I was in my best-est shape ever. I've gained muscle mass and my body fat percentage went down. Maybe this type of training works for me. I dunno. I need to start experimenting again what works best for me and what is not. 

I am only in 3rd day of diet and so far, I still can managed. I dunno what will happen after 2 months though. hehehe.....everyday I eat the same thing. Morning oat + 1 egg + 1 tbsp of raisins. Lunch fish + vege. Snack 3 egg whites + 1 fruit. Dinner 2 chicken steam + long beans + carrots. Post workout tandoori chicken. Still not so bad for now. After all it's only my 3rd day. So.....

Well, wish me luck! Hope I can prove them wrong by December 2011. Toodles~!


  1. Me thinks crossfit works better for you. And 5x5 works better for me. Our bodies respond differently to different stimulants. You sure you look normal? You look fabulous in the background pic of your blog.

    I wouldnt worry much about 'looking like normal people' for long. Muscle memory. Your body will be back to its normal athletic self before long. Just train consistently and eat well.

  2. Aizan : if i were the girl in this background i wont be writing this post already. That girl is Zuzana from Body mmg power and rip to the max. I havent seen any other girls who has such rock hard abs like hers.

    So u really think that crossfit suits me better? Im actually thinking about that too bt i just need some input from you or anyone else. Mcm Shahril fr cakap, if we have tried a programme for 3 mnths and still not seeing results, we ought to switch to other programme. So... Yea. Am switching. So i guess im a sweat freak huh? Nk kne sweat baru puas hati eh? Hehehe......

  3. That's how your body functions best. Maybe 5x5 lebih sesuai utk ectomorphs kot?